The Wyldewood Surf Club is a lake surfing club founded in 1965 in Port Colborne, Ontario, on the northeastern shore of Lake Erie by U.S. and Canadian surfers. It is recognized as the oldest surf club on the Great Lakes.

Known for their surf events and Eastern Surf Association (ESA) contests, the members of the Wyldewood Surf Club today are active in promoting awareness for beach cleanups, surf etiquette, and upholding the "The Stoke for Surfing".

Original Members

The First Club members were local cottage goers, learning to surf with very minimal equipment and boards. While a few of the original Club members remain, the Club over the years has grown to about 50 members, many of whom still surf Lake Erie as well as the hundreds of other breaks along the Great Lakes. Some members have moved onto bigger coasts but still recognize the Wyldewood Surf Club as a foundation in their surf experience.

First club members;

Don Harrison (Buffalo, NY)

Magilla Schaus (Buffalo, NY)

Rick Gillie (Hamilton, ON)

Jack Gillie (Hamilton, ON)

Derrick Richardson (Burlington, ON)

Tom Christopher (Kenmore, NY)

Tom Nelson (Hamilton, ON)

Keith Jukes (Hamilton, ON)

Vern Ferster (Hamilton, ON)

John O’Hear (Lewsiton, NY)

Darcy O'Hear (Lewiston, NY)

Jack Gillie lives in Tofino, BC and Rick Gillie lives in Sooke, BC and are both still hard core surfers. Jack is 64 and Rick is 66. (Aug 18, 2015 update)

You can't surf a lake

The first published photograph of a Club member surfing a lake wave was seen in Surfing Magazine in 1969. The surfer, Magilla Schaus, was also published in The Buffalo News and Hamilton Spectator.


Glass Love - Held during August, it is a celebration of the beauty and aesthetic of the surf board. Collectors, vendors, family and friends gather on a summer day at Pleasant Beach to view all kinds of boards and to celebrate the surf community. Raffles and prizes, and if the surf is good, everyone is happier. Drunk skate tops off the event where competitors battle it out for prizes and glory.

The Gales of November - Memorial surf contest to celebrate the life and passion of Magilla Schaus, previous President and long time surfer. Surfers come together to a Paddle Out and spend the day surfing in very cold temperatures.

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